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Thank you for your interest in our cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services

for business interiors in Toronto and the GTHA.



TORONTO FOGGING is a Canadian company founded by industry professionals with over 35 years of experience specializing in providing effective and economical cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services that are at the forefront of evolving industry, EPA and Health Canada best practices for business interiors.


TORONTO FOGGING improves the health and safety of business interiors by reducing the populations of microorganisms which can be the cause of allergies, illness and disease.


Our clients are building owners and managers, facilities managers, general construction contractors, restaurant owners and managers, commercial and industrial property managers, office managers, as well as small business owners and managers throughout Toronto and the GTHA.


TORONTO FOGGING service is effective for:

  • Office areas including workspaces, common areas, boardrooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, employee lunchrooms and washrooms.

  • Retail stores including customer areas and employee areas such as lunchrooms and offices.

  • Restaurant dining and kitchen areas.

  • Educational and daycare facilities including offices, classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias and common areas.

  • Sports and fitness facilities.


In addition to being effective as a stand-alone service, the evidence also shows that TORONTO FOGGING service following standard cleaning and sanitizing further reduces the survival of microorganisms in the wider environment of the whole room while also substantially reducing the aerosolized  microdust particles.

Therefore, as both a stand-alone and a value-added service TORONTO FOGGING can help to optimize: 

  • Standard routine and periodic cleaning and sanitizing of hard floors, carpets, walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

  • Health and safety programs to meet the requirements of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Programs for the maintenance of clean, safe and healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

  • Preventative health measures (such as those recommended by the WHO) for the prevention of COVID-19 disease.

  • Preventative health measures as well as routine cleaning and sanitizing programs in restaurants. 

  • Post-construction cleanups. 

  • Return of leased space to base building standard.

  • Remedial measures for the prevention of mould growth after leaks and floods.

  • Routine cleaning and disinfecting before and/or after meetings, events, gatherings and classes.

Customized Service

TORONTO FOGGING service is customized for the specific requirements of each project. The choices of equipment, disinfectants, procedures and appropriate safety precautions are informed by careful consideration of factors such as the scope of the work, the surfaces included, and the ventilation and volume of air within the space on a case by case basis. TORONTO FOGGING service technicians are skilled professionals supported by very experienced supervisors to make good indoor fog for effective results.

Our clients can choose an EPA and Health Canada approved odourless disinfectant or an EPA and Health Canada approved botanical disinfectant. Both choices offer broad spectrum microbicidal and sporicidal activity, as well as best in class human and environmental health and safety. 


For more information on how We Make Good Indoor Fog please see our Efficacy page including three steps for effective sanitizing and disinfecting of indoor air and surfaces.


Cleaning and sanitizing service by TORONTO FOGGING helps to improve indoor air quality by reducing the sources and populations of many of the common micro-organisms and particles that are small enough to be found in indoor air and on floors, carpets, walls, ceilings and other surfaces:


10  to 100 microns


0.003 to 0.014 microns


Mould Spores

10 to 30 microns

mould spores 1.png


0.05 to 10 microns

indoor air dust 1.png

Typical Atmospheric Dust

0.001 to 30 microns

dust mite 1.png

Dust Mites 

0.25 mm

Dust mite Feces

20 microns

Our Motivation

We believe that optimizing the health and safety of every indoor environment is essential for the fulfillment of the purpose for which the space was created.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

Since 1985

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