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In general there are three main steps for effective sanitizing and disinfecting of indoor air and surfaces:

STEP 1 - Preparatory cleaning to remove particulate matter and other contamination can significantly increase the efficacy of disinfectants.

STEP 2 - Choosing and applying the right disinfectant.


STEP 3 - Optimizing contact time. 


About effective sanitizing and disinfecting

RESULT - Clean, sanitized, disinfected 

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How effective is TORONTO FOGGING service?

Efficacy can be defined as "the performance of an intervention under ideal and controlled circumstances, whereas effectiveness refers to its performance under 'real-world' conditions". In either case, the best practices are the same and our goal is the same: To achieve the best result. EPA and Health Canada approved disinfectants must kill at least 99.999% of the bacteria and viruses for which they have proven efficacy. The manufacturer's label and directions inform as to the measures and benchmarks for achieving that result, and TORONTO FOGGING adds over 35 years of industry experience in matching these measures and benchmarks with the extant conditions of a job-site to maximize effectiveness. It is also important to note that 'real-world' results may vary as influential on site conditions may vary. 


The best available recent scientific studies of fogging with the right disinfectant have shown a significant reduction in specific antibiotic resistant organisms of interest in medical settings. Similarly, other recent studies have shown that routine cleaning and disinfection followed by fogging with the right disinfectant significantly reduces levels of bacterial contamination when compared with routine cleaning and disinfection alone. ~ Source: Public Health Ontario, Provincial Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Best Practices for environmental Cleaning for Prevention and Control of Infections in All Health Care Settings, 3rd Edition. (Please note: The link to this source is provided for informational purposes and is not, directly or indirectly, implying any approval, association, sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation with the linked source.)

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