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about our Clients

TORONTO FOGGING clients are businesses in Toronto and the GTHA.

They include Ontario's professional commercial and industrial Building Owners, Landlords and Tenants, Property and Facilities Managers, General Contractors, manufacturing Plant Managers, restaurant and small business Owners and Managers.

Working safely and working together

TORONTO FOGGING clients care about the security, health and safety of their employees and customers. They know that health and safety is good for business and we agree. Our crews protect our customers and each other by working safely, by following job site policies and rules, and by respecting our clients' privacy and property.

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COVID-19 Guidance at one of downtown Toronto's outstanding places to work, in a slide show prominently displayed on a large display monitor in the main entrance lobby for the benefit of building occupants, visitors, delivery people and contractors. Thank you!

Welcome Back!

Ensuring Excellent air quality.

  • This building uses hospital grade air filters to eliminate particles and purify building air.

  • Air quality on each floor is consistently monitored.

  • All building air is replaced with fresh air every 2 hours.

  • Humidification and dehumidification are utilized to ensure moisture levels recommended for comfort and health.

  • High touch common areas and fixtures are cleaned and sanitized every 30 minutes - including door handles, hand rails and elevator call buttons.

  • Public washrooms are cleaned every 30 minutes.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) disposal bins are located throughout the complex.


Helping you maintain physical distancing.

  • Keep a minimum of 2 meters between yourself and others.

  • Do not crowd elevators - 4 people per elevator

  • Food Court seating has been restricted to facilitate physical distancing.

Looking after your health and wellness.

  • Automatic hand sanitizing stations have been installed in all washrooms, the main lobby, concourse and parking common areas.

  • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.

  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeves.

  • If you feel unwell then stay home or go home if you are at work.

How  did two of Toronto's finest gyms prepare for a safe and healthy reopening?

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Clean and disinfected

Step 1 - Outstanding preparatory cleaning and disinfecting by the owners.

Step 2 - Deployment of a TORONTO FOGGING recommended EPA and Health Canada approved botanical disinfectant throughout the whole interior including the air and surfaces of  training areas, washrooms, and HVAC ducts.

Step 3 - Aerosol fog volume, wetness and contact time were optimized to meet and exceed the manufacturer's EPA and Health Canada approved directions.

Strong results for a safe and healthy start to training. 

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